“For the Wolf” Review

I am not usually a reader of Fantasy genre books, but I absolutely loved For the Wolf by Hannah Whitten! Think of this novel as a grown-up version of “Beauty and the Beast” with a battle between good and evil AND with a nice touch of romance as well.

The novel is set in Valleyda, a world where 5 Kings have been lost to the Wilderwood and its Wolf. To satisfy The Wolf, and to hopefully get the Kings returned, every 2nd royal daughter is sacrificed to the Wilderwood on her 20th birthday. (This sacrifice means that she must go and live in the Wilderwood – but no daughter has ever returned.) Redarys is the first “2nd daughter” in several hundred years, so she is prepared for her fate. However, her older sister, Neverah, is not content with losing her to the Wolf. The story is told with wonderful descriptive writing and the character of Redarys is delightful – brave and clever. There are more terrific characters in the Wilderwood, but I’ll leave those for you to discover.

This is the first book in a series, so Whitten really takes the time to build the world of Valleyda and the Wilderwood with her writing. She also reveals the magical lore behind the story bit by bit throughout the novel. I am anxious to find out more about some of the side characters, so I will be waiting to read the sequel, For the Throne, coming out in June 2022!

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