“Eight Perfect Murders” Review

Eight Perfect Murders is Peter Swanson’s newest novel, but the first one of his books that I had read. I enjoyed every work of this thriller/mystery. It was a quick read – only took me two evenings – and captured my interest from the beginning.

Malcolm Kershaw is a widower and co-owner of “Old Devils Bookstore” in Boston. He is contacted by the FBI about a book blog that he once wrote entitled ‘Eight Perfect Murders.’ Someone seems to be following Malcolm’s list in his or her own killing spree. (Be warned: this book does spoil the plot of the eight novels referenced in the blog title:- The A.B.C. Murders, Strangers on a Train, The Red House Mystery, Malice Aforethought, Double Indemnity, The Drowner, The Secret History and Deathtrap – so you may want to read them first if they’re still on your “to read” list.) I had only read two of these classic mysteries, but I still loved this novel, and the spoilers didn’t bother me. Malcolm reveals information bit by bit as he narrates the story and as he tries to discover who this killer might be.

I loved trying to guess who the killer was in Eight Perfect Murders. I did not guess correctly, even though I changed my mind several times, Lol. If you love crime/mystery novels – check this new book out!!

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