“Beach Read” Review

Since I read Beach Read by Emily Henry over a rainy, dreary 2 days in May, it wasn’t an actual ‘Beach Read’ for me – but it was a terrific escape and would be a great choice for a vacation read or just for a light-hearted, chuckle-often, romantic novel with a few steamy bits thrown in.

January Andrews is a writer of romance novels, suffering with writer’s block. She arrives at her inherited lake house, planning to clean it out, sell it, and try to meet a publisher’s deadline for a new book. Her new neighbor, Augustus Everett is a writer of literary fiction and her former crush from college. Gus is also struggling with writer’s block. The two eventually make a bet which they hope will get them both writing . . . and in the process we learn about their pasts, their inner fears and their losses. There has been sadness in both of their lives. But the best part of the book is their slow path toward a romantic relationship. 
Beach Read had me chuckling at the conversations between January and Gus and hoping for their paths to connect. I loved both of their characters and was sorry when the book ended, because I enjoyed the time spent escaping with this novel! I hope you check this book out – it shows that we all need second chance

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