400th Anniversary of The Mayflower’s Arrival

400 years ago two small ships, Speedwell and Mayflower, set sail from England with passengers hoping to forge a new life in America. Because they would be transplanting themselves in a new land, they were called Pilgrims. However, after setting sail 3 times, the Speedwell, which continually filled with water, was left behind, causing its passengers to crowd onto Mayflower…now filled with 102 Pilgrims, some domesticated animals, two dogs, plus, the ship’s Captain and crew of about 30. Because of the 3 failed sailings, it’s September and at least two months of sailing needed to cross the sea, still ahead!

In the Atlantic, the small ship encountered rough, stormy weather, causing much seasickness, with only brief minutes of fresh air daily! Imagine the terrible smell below deck! During the crossing one person perished, but a baby, Oceanus, was born.

Please take a look at our Mayflower-Pilgrim display at the library.

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